Ce.Se.N.A. (CeSeNA Security Network and Applications) is an Italian Cyber-Security and Hacking team.

It’s mainly composed by undergraduate students attending degree of Ingegneria e Scienze Informatiche course.

Our aim is to study, understand and deepen Software Security, both in Network and Application side.

Our aim is to review, study and understand all subjects of Security and IT:

  • Web Security
  • Systems & Network Security
  • Secure Coding
  • Binary Reversing and Exploitation
  • Forensics Tecniques
  • Social Engineering
  • Cryptography

Also, we usually join online competitions called CTF (Capture The Flag) to compete with the major universities all over the world.

We want to understand! We don’t care if the system of the software just works! We want to deeply understand how it works (also from a low-level point of view).

We like to have a finger in the bits pie.

We are open to share our knowledge and to increase it with yours.

If you are curious about what and when we are doing contact us at cesena [dot] team [at] gmail [dot] com.

We usually meet every week, sharing write-ups, knowledge, challenges and sometimes off-topic experiences, like Software Configurations, GNU/Linux setups (a.k.a. unixporn), Physical Security, etc…

If you like our activities and you want to contribute to expand our group you can join CeSeNA whenever you like!